Wednesday, May 04, 2016

[Links of the day] 04/05/2016 : Openserver Summit & Fortran OpenCoArray

  • OpenCoArray : Fortran is not dead, and the work on the Co array with accelerator demonstrate it.
  • Openserver summit
    • pcie 4.0 : Some really nice improvement with the upcoming standard in term of performance and especially RAS. However not mr-iov capability yet.. This is sorely missing to make PCIe a true contender on the rack scale fabric level. 
    • Azure SmartNIC : Microsoft use FPGA based smartnic to shorten the update cycle of their Azure cloud fabric. Its a really impressive solution. 
    • Persistent Memory over Fabrics : Mellanox pushing for RDMA based persistent memory solution. Probably trying to corner the market quickly as 3dXpoint and Omnipath solution from Intel are just around the corner. However what caught my attention is slide 14:  HGST PCM Remote Access Demo. What is really interesting is that HGST is probably one step away from merging NVM and RDMA fabric onto a single package. With that they would be able to offer a direct competition with DSSD at lower cost ( following the Eth Drive model ). 

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