Friday, May 13, 2016

[Links of the day] 13/05/2016 : NVMesh , NVM file system

  • nvmesh : pure software product using a shared nothing architecture that leverages, NVMe SSD, SR-IOV and RDMA. Performance are interesting: 4M read and 2.8M write 4k IOPS, 16GB/s throughput and super low latency with 90µs/25µs for read and write from client to server. Whats is really interesting is the dual mode of operations: shared nothing with direct storage access for really fast access or centralized one which offer more redundancy and serviceability feature at the cost of a lower ( but still fast ) performance [video]
  • Fine-grained Metadata Journaling on NVM : the authors propose to move away from the limitation of block based journaling to a fine grained approach more suitable for NVM storage. They propose to move to a inode based transaction and journaling approach, each inode representing 256 byte. The solution seems cache friendly however it beg the question : why do we need to go through the CPU .. With DAX and other system it should be more efficient to completely bypass it[slides]
  • Fast and Failure-Consistent Updates of ApplicationData in Non-Volatile Main Memory File System : being crash consistent is the number 1 requirement for any storage solution. Current File system optimized for NVM doesn't seem to be good enough. The authors propose an alternative file system specifically tailored for consistency and high performance by moving away from the FS level consistency and target application level consistency solution. Naturally this put a greater burden on the application layer.. Then again researcher really need to move away from the classical FS solution and deliver a new paradigm. [slides]

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