Monday, May 23, 2016

[Links of the day] 23/05/2016: computational law , EU data protection regulation & 2M packets/s on AWS

  • CodeX : Stanford R&D lab of computational law — the branch of legal informatics concerned with the automation and mechanization of legal analysis. I really think that we are getting to the point where every single IP and Assets will be handled/ represented by an AI and where the actual ownership of assets will be dynamically changing at the speed of computation Accelerando style. [Youtube Videos]
  • 2 Millions packets seconds on AWS : leveraging SRIOV tech on AWS to process packet at high speed.
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation : a great document dissecting the upcoming European General Data protection Regulation directive. This directive cover a very wide range of legislation, from right to be forgotten, data protection to compliance.  

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