Friday, December 02, 2016

[Links of the Day] 02/12/2016 : AWS best practice, 1k+ RISC-V with Shared memory, Verification of distributed systems

  • AWS Well-ArchitectedFramework : AWS document outlining high level cloud best practices. Not really in depth technical solution but provide good guideline for organisations. 
  • Towards Thousand-Core RISC-V Shared Memory Systems : MIT is advocating for leveraging its TARDIS cache coherence protocol to scale RISC-V architecture to 1k+ cores. But the interesting thing is that they are advocating for a shared memory system using a 3d mesh. What's interesting is that it seems that RISC-V and TARDIS are oddly compatible architecture wise. Now we need to see if the cache technology can deliver on its promise. 1K core is a hell of a lot of coherence to maintain. 
  • The Verification of a Distributed System : talk by Caitie McCaffrey where she present strategies to prove system correctness. This is rather important as too often companies build distributed system and swear that they satisfy some part of the CAP theorem. But too often they crumble.. Especially if @aphyr decided to take some interest into it (or even better get paid to do so) 

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