Monday, November 28, 2016

[Links of the Day] 28/11/2016 : Earth Computing network fabric, CS video courses, Go app tracing

  • Earth Computing Network Fabric : event based protocol for datacenter that target specifically datacenter as it eliminate the need for heartbeats and timeouts. The protocol relies on recoverable atomic token to deliver deterministic in order communication. To some extend they are proposing to move back to latices system where each server are a node within the network and act as router for messages. This eliminate switch requirement and looks really neat. However adoption might be difficult due to the ubiquitous Ethernet hardware and also the need to change the underlying communication protocol. Last but not least I do not really know how to efficiently secure and trust messages on such network. [slides
  • Computer Science video courses : Extensive collection of links to CS courses ranging from introductory to expert in pretty much the full scope of CS subject (DB, distributed systems, etc..) 
  • Appdash : Application tracing system for Go, based on Google's Dapper.

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