Monday, December 19, 2016

[Links of the Day] 19/12/2016 : Cloud storage consistency models, heterogeneous memory management and atomic consistency for storage class memory

  • Consistency Models for Cloud Storage Services : A must read for anybody relaying on any for of cloud storage. It is imperative to understand the consistency model of these service in order to avoid bad surprises. Sadly, a lot of cloud storage out there lack of official documentation on the subject or are really fuzzy and lack proof. 
  • Soft2LM : heterogeneous memory management , basically optimise memory allocation and migration between tier in order to minimise power consumption while maximizing performance. 
  • Free atomic consistency in storage class memory with software based write-aside persistence : interesting article on a software stack that aim to deliver atomic consistency for SCM in write aside scenario. I am not sure how often write aside pattern though. 

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