Thursday, September 14, 2017

[Links of the Day] 14/09/2017 : Automating Turing test, Deep Learning Survey, Unix History

  • Toward Automatic Turing Test : when software is used to detect if its a software or a real person talking, feel like it should be submitted to totally, not robot subreddit. The problem is way more complex and useful than it seems. By automating the procedure you could do fast prototyping and testing of models with limit human input. Accelerating the research and reducing costs. 
  • Survey of Deep Reinforcement Learning : l cover central algorithms in deep reinforcement learning, including the deep Q-network, trust region policy optimisation, and asynchronous advantage actor-critic.
  • Unix - History and Timeline : The history of Linux's grandfather OS , surprisingly enough the latest version 3 spec and ISO/IEC spec came out in 2003. Which is only 14 years ago ( I feel old now.... )

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