Wednesday, October 04, 2017

[Links of the Day] 04/10/2017 : Tensor Flow Extended , 5d Torus , Machine learning influencing hardware designs

  • TFX : Google paper describing it's tensor flow based platform for production scale deployment. It is impressive how they created a platform that delivers robust TensorFlow-based learners and support for continuous training and serving with production-level reliability. [video]
  • 5d torus : when your 3d torus fabric is not enough :) . The authors demonstrate how using 6 port NIC they are able to achieve such feat. Its domain of application is still be limited to HPC environment as only tailored applications can leverage such network topology. However, there might be potential in the machine learning domain. There is only a future for such approach if they are able to demonstrate significant acceleration for popular problems ( ML ). And make is fungible for cloud-like deployment. I.e. you need to be able to easily partition a set of nodes connected by such network and share it in multitenancy model. [slides] [thesis]
  • Machine Learning and the Implications for Computer System Design : Jeff Dean talk at hot chips 2017 conference. Jeff really really show the current influence of ML on the present and future hardware architecture. 

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