Tuesday, July 24, 2018

[Links of the Day] 24/07/2018 : Physics of baking a good pizza, Stagnation of incomes despite Economic growth, Asciinema

  • The Physics of baking good Pizza : when physicist tries to bake good pizza they write a paper about it. 
  • Stagnating median incomes despite economic growth : a look at the reason behind income stagnation despite an almost continuous economic growth for the past 20+ years. One of the worrying aspects is that it points out to an increase in wealth inequality which can lead to social unrest. Another interesting aspect is that the USA is a clear outlier as the wage growth was significantly lower than in OECD countries. This could provide a hint as to why this country is currently in such turmoil as the inequality gap has widened exponentially over the past couple of years. 
  • asciinema : record your terminal session and replay it .... the right way you can even convert your cast to GIF with asciicast2gif !

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