Thursday, July 26, 2018

[Links of the Day] 26/07/2018 : CEO book, Middle Income Trap, Brexit and the future of European Geopolitics

  • The Great CEO Within : a good read on what it means to be a CEO and build up a company from scratch. It provides some good advice and hint of the challenges that not often talked about. 
  • Convergence vs. The Middle Income Trap: The Case of Global Soccer : a really good paper and eye-opening on the middle-income trap that nation can fall into the middle-income trap. The authors argue that the transfer of technologies, skills and best practices fosters this catch-up process. But there are limits and by analysing the soccer team progress over their history they demonstrate that like their economy these nations hit a plateau.  
  • Global Britain and the future of European Geopolitics: how Brexit is affecting the geopolitical landscape in Europe and it's relationship with the rest of the world (and especially Russia)

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