Tuesday, October 22, 2019

[Links of the Day] 22/10/2019 : Machine learning platform for medical image analysis, Distributed serverless golang, Why maintenance gets neglected?

  • NiftyNet : TensorFlow based opensource CCNs platform aiming at accelerating research in medical image analysis.
  • Bigmachine : like coroutine? like golang? like serverless? well seek no further, bigmachine is for you. It's a really cool library for self-managing serverless computing. You basically write your service in a single monolithic go and bigmachine will distribute it for you. It feels like openMP but for serverless. [github]
  • Why do people neglect maintenance: well sadly it seems that often maintenance cost get compounded into technical debt. As the authors describe in this article, there is a lot of reason why maintenance often take a back seat when it comes to prioritisation of the next dev cycle. I also feel that the authors missed an important aspect: employee churn. New employees coming to a company usually don’t want to “maintain and fix” the code of others. Moreover, HR and any interviewer rarely advertise a position for: we need to make sure our services keep ticking so we need somebody to maintain our codebase.

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