Tuesday, October 29, 2019

[Links of the Day] 29/10/2019 : Cloud Native Application Bundle, Edge platform, Dapr

  • Porter : cloud installer based on the Cloud Native Application  Bundle. I didn't know about CNAB before comming across porter. But it seems that it allows you to package everything related to your application and the related cloud configuration. Looks like it supports the top 3 cloud provider, terraform, helm/ k8s. 
  • Project EVE :  edge platform deployable on bare-metal hardware. There are some really interesting capabilities, such as the remote update/ patching aspect, unikernel support, worth a look. Also please shime along to the LF Edge website, there is some other cool edge related project out there. 
  • Dapr : Microsoft microservice k8s framework. Didn't have time to dig too much into it. But it seems to make quite a buzz. [github]

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