Friday, May 22, 2015

Links of the day 22 - 05 -2015

Today's links 22/05/2015:  #IaaS #cloud magic quadrant, Qboot lightweight firmware, #openstack state
  • Cloud Magic quadrant : Gartner magic quadrant is out and the result is without any real surprise...
  • Qboot : nice effort from the Paolo Bonzini ( Qemu lead ) and amazing technical skills ( last and first commit is less than 24h old!), but it feels like a knee jerk reaction to the  in  Intel Clear Linux project. Qboot   deliver a minimal x86 firmware that runs on QEMU and, together with a slimmed-down QEMU configuration, boots a virtual machine in 40 milliseconds on an Ivy Bridge Core i7 processor. However i think that while all these solution are technically great they miss the point, I'll try to detail this in a future blog post. Almost forgot the github repo is here.
  • State of the stack : Openstack in all its glory , 2015 version. What really worries me is the last slide last lines: OpenStack is not speciļ¬c code or APIs, it’s: Community, common values, and common governance. It should be about product , stability and robustness, I can see the big tent syndrome written all over, aka too many clown in there.

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