Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Links of the day 04/11/2015: Intel ISA-L , Linux Kernel userland page fault handling, Evolution of CI at stratoscale

  • ISA-L : brief introduction to the Intel Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library (ISA-L). Some nice feature for erasure code in there [intel 01 website]
  • Evolution of CI at Stratoscale : How the development team develops, tests, deploys and operates it. How do we get tens of developers to work productively at a high velocity while maintaining system cohesion and quality? How can we tame the inherent complexity of such a distributed system? How do we continuously integrate, test, deploy and operate it? How do we take devops to the limit? And just how tasty is our own dog food?
  • Userfaultfd : Nice to see the code making it into the upstream release for user land page fault resolution.

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