Monday, November 30, 2015

Links of the day 26/11/2015: Flat corporation structure, Openstack appliance, Supply chain Bigdata

  • Predictive analytics and Supply chain : how you some technique can be used to optimised your supply chain Management ,making the process more accurate, reliable, and at reduced cost. 
  • Openstack Appliance by Mirantis + FusionStorm : Looks like Mirantis is moving away from the pure Integrator player and into the turnkey Openstack solution. What would be interesting is if the move next into the hyper-convergence market.
  • Flat will kill you : debatable point of view, however the fact that people will naturally cluster in group implies that flat structure are a myth. Maybe pure flat structure will not exist unless true rule system for breaking deadlock and preventing (too much) power grab.

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