Friday, November 06, 2015

Links of the day 06/11/2015: More Intel rack scale resource

A lot of new stuff released by Intel around their rack scale effort:

  • Ressource : Probably you main point of entry for the RSA project. Documentation, API and reference architecture. 
  • Github : everything you need to get started (as long as you have Intel HW) 
  • How it works :  very good and short overview on how Intel intend to Orchestrate the bare metal hardware in order to offer dis-aggregated pools of resources. The objective is to have these transparently and just in time procured for cloud or any workload. Ultimately you will be able to avoid the age long issue of server sizing and simply manage each type of resource independently within pools. Adding and removing them, upgrading them without the need to re-architect your whole data-center.

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