Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Links of the day 17/11/2015 : Memory system design, multi agents systems, NVMe over Fabrics

  • Rethinking Memory System Design : for Data-Intensive Computing , a presentation of the future of memory and the challenge accompanying them.
  • Multi Agents Systems : provide the  foundations via the presentations of distributed problem solving, non-cooperative game theory, multi-agent communication and learning, social choice, mechanism design, auctions, coalitional game theory, and logical theories of knowledge, belief, and other aspects of rational agency. 
  • NVM Express Fabrics Protocol and Architecture : explore NVMe Over Fabrics specification, and how it enables NVMe to be used across RDMA fabrics (e.g., Ethernet or InfiniBand™ with RDMA, Fibre Channel, etc.) and connect to other NVMe storage devices.

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