Thursday, November 05, 2015

Links of the day 05/11/2015: SNIA conf goodness , Parallella , Worst case Distributed system design

  • Worst-Case Distributed Systems Design : nice blog post on the advantage of designing distributed systems with handle worst-case scenarios gracefully in order to improve average case behavior handling.
  • Parallella : 18-core credit card sized computer, nice playground for parallel programming ( and hence publications)
  • 2015 Storage Developer Conference Presentations | SNIA : slide deck of the conference, some gems in there: 
    • RDMA + PMEM : coupling pmem with RDMA in order to deliver remote persistent memory.
    • NVDIMM cookbook : very good overview of what you can do and use case of NVDIMM.
    • Hashing algo for storage : Very good overview of the main hashing techniques, trade-off etc.. of hashing techniques for K/V (not just for storage)
    • Pro & Cons of Erasure Code vs Replication vs Raid : as always its depends but here is the exec summary :  RAID is reaching its limit, Erasure code is the preferred option for large scale however replication is required if you want certain type of performance. Finally everything will be really dependent of the storage defined system running it.

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