Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Links of the day 01/12/2015 : VISC, HP "machine" network fabric, Emu real time analytics server

  • VISC : Researcher are trying to improve the security, reliability, and performance implications of shipping all software in virtual instruction set form. They use the LLVM virtual instruction set as the shipping representation of code to enable install-time and run-time compilation of all such software. Probably a lot of potential there if coupled with uni-kernel tech. 
  • Communications fabric for The Machine : HP session presenting their own fabric, competing with Intel Omnipath, PCIe and others already out there. The risk is that it might be too specialized for an industry wide adoption unless they start to aggressively "give it way" the IBM openpower way. 
  • Emu : New type of server where the processing is moved to the data with a distributed shared memory model and high speed fabric. Seems like a revival of the connection machine for real time analytic solution. What is interesting is that they use a RapidIO fabric.

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