Friday, December 04, 2015

Links of the day 04/12/2015 : Sub-NUMA patent, Fabric Emulation for HP Machine, Performance monitoring toolkit

  • Sub-NUMA : Numa is already hard to deploy and use efficiently, lets start bringing sub numa clustering. Sadly one of the consequence of the ever increasing core count. Rather than selling micro chip single core highly optimize CPU. Intel prefer to cram more feature into a larger package even if 50%+ of them are unused. Sometimes I really hope that ARM server will finally come to fruition and shake the whole damn market.
  • Fabric attached memory : want to play with HP "the machine" and its new shiny fabric but can't get early access to it or you don't have the finance. Fear not ! here is the emulation toolkit of Fabric-Attached Memory for The Machine.
  • LIKWID : Performance monitoring on Intel Haswell platforms easy to use but yet powerful performance tools for the GNU Linux operating system. Really cool set of tools for topology discovery , numa pinning, power monitoring etc... [github]

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