Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Links of the day 30/12/2015: #destiny development process, vision of processor & memory systems and fault tree analysis

  • Vision of processor and memory systems : Excellent presentation by J. Thomas Pawlowski, Chief Technologist, Fellow at Mircon. It provides you with a very good overview of the memory landscape technology, trends and challenge. Pay special attention to the the power wall. Moreover, the automata processor product seems interesting as micron tries to move up the value chain with a different approach to the auxiliary processing unit => memory centric. While they have a vested interest in this approach, it seems opposite to the overall fabric trend (omnipath etc..). However, t might turn out complementary on the long term.
  • Lessons from the Core Engine Architecture of Destiny : cover the six-year development arc of the Destiny engine, from inception to ship. Some valuable lesson and a very deep and thoughtful and honest introspection of the process.
  • Fault Tree Analysis : very long but extremely complete overview on how Nasa use fault tree analysis to:
    • resolve the causes of system failure
    • quantify system failure probability
    • evaluate potential upgrades to a system
    • optimize resources in assuring system safety
    • resolve causes of an incident
    • model system failures in risk assessments

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