Friday, February 05, 2016

[Links of the day] 05/02/2016: Cloudlet server image, Shmoocon 2016, Multidimensional queries

  • Multidimensional Access Methods : 1996 paper showing how hard it is to resolve multidimensional queries . List the state of the art approach which are still relevant to date.
  • Cloudlets : I think I linked to cloudlets before, but I'll do it again jsut to remind myself to actually use them. Cloudlets are universal server images for the cloud. They're lightweight, version-controlled, and you can export them to any bootable format known to man: Xen, KVM, Amazon EC2, or just a plain bootable CD.
  • Shmoocon 2016 : excellent security conference , especially check out the post quantum crypto talk by Jean-Philippe Aumasson 

Bonus : video demonstrating CISE tool for proving distributed systems correctness

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