Monday, February 22, 2016

[Links of the day] 22/02/2016: Quantum computing as a Service, Alexa - Amazon IoT platform, SNIA nvm videos

  • Quantum Computing as a Service : Stanford seminar on "Quantum Computing as a Service" by Matt Johnson & Randall Correll of QCWare. What is stand out from most of the talk is that quantum computing is really a solution looking for a problem. You can speed up certain problem solving by an order of magnitude but paying customers with this type of problems seems scares. It can just be an educational problem and it seems they are trying to tackle this aspect well. However, they didn't talk about the elephant in the room : breaking cryptography for fun and profit. Maybe to sensitive of a topic?
  • Alexa : Amazon tech talk on its IoT platform
  • SNIA nvm summit :  all video are uploaded , checkout the linux NVM talks and nvm over fabric one.

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