Monday, August 22, 2016

[Links of the day] 22/08/2016 : Kubernetes the hard way , GopherCon 2016, 3dxpoint DIMM

  • Kubernetes The Hard Way : The famed Keysley Higtower explain how to deploy and run a kubernetes system on google cloud the hard way ( no automatic installation cheat)
  • GopherCon 2016 : Videos of this year Gopher academy
  • Wicked Fast Storage and Beyond : Intel IDF 2016 talk on the future of storage , looking at 3dxpoint, and the Optane SSD . What is really exceiting is the upcoming Intel DIMM using 3DXpoint tech. This provide native PMEM capability , 2x storage vs RAM (but slower yes). I can seriously see future in memory database ( SAP HANA ... ) bypassing storage together and just stacking NVM DIMM. Using slower storage form ( over NVMe by example) for backup / snapshot, etc..

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