Thursday, August 25, 2016

[Links of the Day] 25/08/2016 : Micro-services architecture best practices, Semantic hashing and principles of programming language book

  • Best Practices for Building a Microservice Architecture : Article providing an overview of the best practice when shifting complexity from a monolithic systems to a distributed one. Complexity doesn't disappear, it is bounded to the interactions between simple services. While this sound great, the complexity increase with the degree of interactions which can follow a power law. 
  • Semantic Hashing : paper describing a method using deep learning algorithms for generating fast hash of documents. This method allow to generate locality sensitive that permit to execute similarity search over a vast library of documents in a time independent of the size of the collection. 
  • Principles of Programming Languages :  book providing an introduction to the study of programming languages derived from Johns Hopkins University programming language courses.

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