Tuesday, August 30, 2016

[Links of the Day] 30/08/2016: trends in infrastructure , HPC / supercomputer and memory

  • Algorithms for future emerging technologies : Jack Dongarra CRIM talk presenting trend in supercomputing [video]
  • Trends in - and the Future of - Infrastructure : One of the fathers of software-defined networking (SDN),) Martin Casado, gives its view on the future of infrastructure. 
  • Hot Chops - memory - 2016 : more persistent memory, more storage, but slower overall performance.  What is interesting is that the trend is more about filling the niche gap rather than raw performance or storage size improvement. It seems that memory like cpu is hitting a performance wall. The two big trend are NVDIMM as near term solution and PIM : process in memory. PIM literally package memory on top of the logic processor. It reduce data transfer cost, but the heat generated by the overall package quickly rise, it requires to support >95 C   . Power and heat is now the number limiting factor in HW 

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