Wednesday, August 31, 2016

[Links of the Day] 31/08/2016 : Open Lambda and consensus algorithms

  • Open Lambda : allow anybody to run a local lambda platform similar to AWS lambda or Azure Function.
  • AllConcur : the authors propose in this paper a distributed system that provides agreement through a leaderless concurrent atomic broadcast algorithm. What is interesting is that the authors claims a 17x performance increase vs the leader based solution. However, there is a catch in there assumption : "We assume a model of reliable communication—messages cannot be lost (only delayed). This is a reasonable assumption if we consider a reliable protocol, such as TCP." I think that here we might hit a major issue as even with TCP we can have duplicated/ lost message. Paxos make not such assumption, Lets see if the idea can be adapted to an unreliable medium. 
  • Flexible Paxos : in this paper authors provide a proof that majority agreement isn’t required by Paxos and the sets of nodes required to participate in agreement (known as quorums) do not even need to intersect with each other.