Friday, October 06, 2017

[Links of the Day] 06/10/2017 : HPC routing topology on dependency graph, Arm network stack development, Multicore graph processing

  • Routing on the Channel Dependency Graph : the author aim are providing a toolset for topology calculation for HPC network. 
  • Arm for network stack developers : arm is trying to slowly move up the stack into the data centre world. For that, it needs to address one of its main limitation: IO. This slide deck describe the current effort to tackle network stack limitation ( and support RDMA ) as well as providing pointer where ARM or devs can push the Linux stack further. As Linux is pretty much the only viable software stack for such hardware infrastructure in the datacenter. 
  • Multicore graph processing : this present a very good overview of the Multicore graph processing problem, solution landscape and where it's heading. Graph problems are essential to solve in the domain of social network modelling as well as for items recommendation or search and website ranking. [slides]

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