Tuesday, October 10, 2017

[Links of the Day] 10/10/2017 : Machine Learning Hardware acceleration , Homomorphic encryption

  • Tutorial on Hardware Architectures for Deep Neural Networks : How to leverage hardware for accelerating machine learning processes. 
  • A Survey on Homomorphic Encryption Schemes : this paper presents a thorough survey of the state of homomorphic encryption schemes. Homomorphic encryption allows manipulation of the encrypted data without the need to decrypt it. This will allow when hardware will be fast enough to deal with the complexity of the operations, to have a true secure distributed multitenant database. As no operation on the hosting side will require clear text decryption of the data and everything can be done securely on the client side. 
  • Efficient Methods and Hardware for Deep Learning : Standford lecture where guest lecturer Song Han present algorithms and specialized hardware (FPGA, GPU, ASIC, etc..) that can be used to accelerate training and inference of deep learning workloads. [video]

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