Thursday, October 19, 2017

[Links of the Day] 19/10/2017 : Distroless minimal container images, Strangeloop and CppCon 2017

  • Distroless : a toolkit for creating container images which contain only your application and its runtime dependencies. No package shells, managers, any other programs. This is really awesome as you always end up with a lot of clutter in your layer. too often you see apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade in your Dockerfile. Or you could simply move to Golang and enjoy a From scratch environment! [talk] [video]
  • Strangeloop: a very good review of the excellent strange loop conference. Every time I watch some of these talks, I tell myself I should get into functional programming .. Then life ( and three kids under 6 ) takes over. [slides] [videos]
  • CppCon : another dev conference, this time C++. Some interesting talks, especially the includeOS one. Which provides a C++ microkernel functionality by simply including a single header #include ! A lot of in-depth and technical talks, give it a look if you are a C++ dev. [slides] [videos]

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