Monday, February 16, 2015

Links of the day 16 - 02 - 2015

Today's links 16/02/2015: Memory Analysis, CPU instruction for NVM,SR-IOV and Linux kernel live patching
  • ANATOMY: an analytic model of memory system performance able to summarize key workload characteristics, namely row buffer hit rate, bank-level parallelism, and request spread which are used as inputs to the queuing model to estimate memory performance. [slides]
  • CLWB and PCOMMIT : a look at the new specific cpu instruction for NVM. The real benefit will start to appear when the dev willstart using them in application such as in-memory DB or persistence logging.
  • SR-IOV : Single-root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) standard allows an I/O device to be shared by multiple Virtual Machines (VMs), without losing runtime performance. series of videos covering topics for your virtualization environment such as VXLAN Tunnel End Point (VTEP), live VM migration, and HPC clustering.
  • Live patching : kGraft and kpatch merged into a single patchset for kernel live patching .. 

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