Thursday, February 19, 2015

Links of the day 19 - 02 -2015:

Today's links 19/02/2015: Technical debt, #Microservices & µ²services, SSD
  • Technical debt financial metaphor : using finance term to describe technical debt, however I feel that we need to introduce the concept of refinancing, restructuring of technical debt. Without forgetting the bankruptcy option when there is really no other choice. 
  • Microservices - stress-free and without increased heart attack risk : a short explanation why µservice are always hard (yes, the title of the presentation is sort of an oxymoron) and what kind of architectural trade-off they are compared to monoliths.
  • What every programmer should know about solid-state drives : Part 6 summarizing the key information ( you can find link to the previous 5 parts in the page)
  • Micro Micro Services : proposed to push the concept of micro service one step further when you have a single container per request per service and not service alone. There is certain advantage however until the technology to make this approach seamless ( such as flash cloning etc..) it will remain a nice thought exercise ( follow up post here ) .

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