Friday, February 20, 2015

Links of the day 20 - 02 - 2015

Links of the day 20/02/2015:Probabilistic counters, Rack PCIe Fabric, Complex Networks robustness, High performance Network protocol
  • Characterizing Storage Workloads with Counter Stacks : Really great approach to use hyperloglog algorithm to characterize workloads. It allow the identification of working set sizes without the large memory overhead . The key advantage is it allow the generation of accurate MRC for large workload without the tremendous overhead which then can be used to tweak the cache size and for online placement decision.
  • Rack Level PCIe fabric : looks like the competition is heating up for the next gen rack level fabric. There is some really nice feature in there, advanced topology ( torus, 3D fat tree), support for native tcp/ip , rdma and native. And last but not least sharing of I/O by the assignment of the VFs of SR-IOV . Not to forget that most ops are sub micro seconds. Its nice to see the rack level fabric competition heating up.
  • Improving the Robustness of Complex Networks with Preserving Community Structure : 3-step strategy to improve the robustness of a network, while retaining its community structure, and also its degree distribution.
  • Trickles : Stateless High Performance Networking that relies on Transport continuations information within the packet for congestion control algorithm , effectively removing the state maintenance on both side. Creating a stateless protocol at the cost of periodical update signal.

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