Thursday, September 03, 2015

Links of the day 03/09/2015 : vNVDIMM, user-space tcp/ip stack, Cern openday

  • Event-driven, user-space and highly-scalable TCP/IP stack : framework got a 2.6× performance improvement, when compared to the same application layer running on the new reusable TCP sockets introduced in Linux 3.9. The web-server was able to deliver static HTML pages at a rate of 12 Gbps on a Tilera TILE-Gx36 36-core processor. Userspace vs kernel space ..
  • Cern Openlab Day : research and industrial teams from CERN openlab present their projects
  • vNVDIMM : NVDIMM driver has been merged into upstream Linux Kernel and there is tries to enable it in virtualization field. Virtual machine with persistent memory.

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