Friday, September 11, 2015

Links of the day 11/09/2015: how to rock @ SXSW , Transputer and Async load balancer

  • ADLB : Asynchronous Dynamic Load Balancing software library designed to help rapidly build scalable parallel programs. ADLB does not achieve scalability solely by load balancing. It also includes some features that exploit work-stealing as well. [paper]
  • OpenTransputer : an implementation of the Transputer architecture designed at Inmos during the 1980s. It is design to work hand in hand with occam language (but other can work with it too). What I really miss from the presentation is the CLEAR advantage of this approach over more generic or pure software one leveraging x86 arch.
  • Tim Ferris guide on how to rock at SXSW : nice breakdown on how to exploit to its maximum potential big gathering opportunity [video]

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