Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Links of the day 02/09/2015 : Seagate kintetic @CERN , KVM HA and Intel Omnipath perf

  • KVM HA : Update on the COLO VM replication project. What's interesting is that they only look at the network side of the external state to confirm the coherence of the system. This limits what the VM can do and access but on the other hand simplify the overall setup.
  • Kinetic @ CERN : In a previous blog post I mentioned how this type of approach is a game changer for cloud storage solution. Here you can already see some numbers : ~1/3 of power , ~1/2 of cost, No more storage server ( simplified maintenance ) [video]
  • Omnipath :  the number are really interesting: (a) a 4.6x improvement in small message throughput over the previous generation InfiniBand fabric technology, (b) a 70ns decrease in switch latency  (c) a single ASIC that can deliver 50 GB/s of dual-channel bidirectional bandwidth, or 12.5GB/s single channel unidirectional bandwidth. In short, Omni-Path delivers all this and more as an integrated component inside the processor package or via other form factors like PCIe cards or custom mezzanine cards.

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