Monday, September 28, 2015

Links of the day 28/09/2015: SPDK , CAP for durability, NVM and In memory DB

  • SPDK : Intel pendent of its DPDK toolkit specially aimed at storage and NVMe , As usual you can do some interesting stuff with it but it is also higly restrictive in term of Hardware and behavior. The device need to be purely dedicated to the library and cannot be shared with other system. Moreover it might be as big as a security risk as the DPDK libs (memory is accessible across DPDK consumer..) [more user friendly overview here]
  • Impact of new Persistent Memory Tech on In memory DB: Nice overview of the impact of the new NVM tech. Too bad its still try to push the classic DB model instead of proposing an approach from scratch that would fully use the potential of these new technology. 
  • CAP theorem for Durability : interesting effort to formulate the limitation of the durability problematic in distributed environment.  However it doesn't help curtail the acronyms soup from spreading. 

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