Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Links of the day 01/09/2015 : software FTL for SSD, Decryption , startup

  • Open Channel : It seems that there is a current trend to strip most solution to their bare minimum. Open Channel is an effort to strip away the FTL layer as some estimate that Embedded FTL’s introduce significant limitations for Server compute. Basically the goal is to allow the specialization at software level for specific workload ex: 90% read, transnational , etc.. [github]
  • Encrypted database case : cryptoanalysis of basic encryption using using information entropy
  • How to start a startup marathon : somebody decided to watch the whole 16h straight with live commentary. To a certain extend it is a good supplement to the lecture note and a excellent way for those who didn't watch the course yet to pick what they using the commentary  to watch first using the commentary.

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