Wednesday, June 01, 2016

[Links of the day] 01/06/2016 : Megaprocessor, ARM A73 Artemis and AsAP project

  • Megaprocessor : Somebody decided to build a processor using actual individual transistor component. This impressive both in scale and dedication. [videos ]
  • Artemis : The ARM Cortex A73 has been released. It is the 64-bit successor to the Cortex A17 . Yes,this is confusing, the naming and release cycle doesn't really indicate the actual generation / functionality. It is clearly aimed at the smartphone market with its little/big core architecture and is a marvelous piece of tech. 
  • AsAP : Asynchronous Array of Simple Processors , remind me of the connection machine architecture. Except that it use a single-chip processing system comprised of a large number of fine-grain asynchronously-operating programmable processors connected by a reconfigurable network.

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