Friday, June 24, 2016

[Links of the day] 24/06/2016: Velocity Conference, Cloud provider infrastructure investment, Connectx5

  • Velocity 2016 : Slides and video of O'reilly Velocity 2016 conference. 
  • Infrastructure Investments by Cloud Service Providers : A fantastic work by  Redmonk folks looking at the investment of the main Cloud service provider and what you can learn from this information. What is interesting is that it clearly show the lead that AWS and Microsoft has over all the other one. Also, it seems that SAP is not even on the radar which speak really loudly about their "cloud" strategy. It seems that they are desperately falling behind and might not be able to catch up.. 
  • ConnectX5 : 100GBps interface are out there, but what is really interesting is the switch-less fabric capabilities. With the current race for higher number of port as well and NFV / SDN complexity explosion it seems interesting to see that we might see an emergence of switch-less infrastructure. Moving the switching and other network functionality in the NIC or server itself ( container / VM / unikernel ). Eliminating altogether the need for dedicated network hardware. 

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