Tuesday, June 14, 2016

[Links of the day] 14/06/2016: Freeze Frame File System, Strata+Hadoop16 Keynotes, Linky French Smart meter

  • Freeze Frame File System : file system specifically designed to handle real time data stream processing applications. Basically it is able to handle streams of updates while supporting "temporal reads" on demand. To do so the system keep all update history in a memory-mapped log, cache recently retrieved data for repeat reads, and use a hybrid of a real-time and a logical clock to respond to read requests in a manner that is both temporally precise and causally consistent.
  • Strata + Hadoop 2016 : All keynote like if you where there. 
  • Linky : This is a fantastic analysis (in french) of the electric LINKY smart meter that is being deployed across France. It dispel many of the FUD surrounding smart meter but also ask interesting question regarding upgradability , security and who really benefit from these devices. It seems that the customers won't be able to interact or benefit form the data generated by these device, which partially defeat the purpose of installing one. But it's not like they have a choice as the deployment of smart meters is written in french law. 

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