Tuesday, June 28, 2016

[Links of the day] 28/06/2016 : Heterogeneous Data-centers (FPGA - GPU) and User-mode Ethernet verbs

  • Heterogeneous datacenters : Datacenter slowly evolve and we start to see the emergence of specialized dedicate hardware to squeeze the maximum efficiency per watts consumed. As general CPU start to hit their limit, user turn , like the HPC community, to FPGA or GPU to break away of the current power wall. 
  • A quantitative analysis on microarchitectures of modern CPU-FPGA platforms : Well if you want to venture in the heterogeneous datacenter you better read this paper on the different platform available out there. 
  • User Mode Ethernet Verbs : Probably the only serious contender to Intel DPDK, User mode verbs expose Verbs API allowing both user-mode applications/ULPs direct access to offload capabilities in the form of Raw Ethernet QPs. Basically you can send receive raw ETH packet using RDMA verbs API and leverage offload engine to accelerate the operations [video]

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