Thursday, June 16, 2016

[Links of the day] 16/06/2016 : Bayesan Betancourt's lecture, Physic breakthrough & Distributed systems, Linux Kernel Radix tree

  • Betancourt Binge : Michael Betancourt’s video lectures in Tokyo, all about Bayesian model. 
  • Standing on Distributed Shoulders of Giants : as usual excellent ACM queue article drawing parallel between physics breakthrough and the world of distributed systems. 
  • Multi-order radix tree : The Linux kernel radix tree is a data-structure at the centerpiece of the memory management system. With the advent of new memory model ( persistent one). This data-structure needs to evolve. However, like with everything touching memory, it will take some time and many many re-submission to the mailing list. This article present a possible evolution path for this venerable data-structure.

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