Thursday, September 01, 2016

[Links of the Day] 01/09/2016 : Cloud reference model, Scaling with Threads and economyics of response time

  • Economic Value of Rapid Response Time : classic 1989 paper demonstrating that lower software response time yield significant economic benefit with 
  • ClouNS : A Cloud-native Application Reference Model for Enterprise Architects. The authors propose a reference model for cloud-native applications that relies only on a small subset of well standardized IaaS services. The reference model can be used for codifying cloud technologies. It can guide technology identification, classification, adoption, research and development processes for cloud-native application and for vendor lock-in aware enterprise architecture engineering methodologies.
  • Scaling to Thousands of Threads : excellent blog post looking at the misconception that thread based system are inherently flawed when it comes to availability. 

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