Monday, May 07, 2018

[Links of the Day] 07/05/2018 : Cryptocurrency Consensus Algorithms , Fast18 conference, Google 2 real world project translation

  • A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Consensus Algorithms: this post provides a quick and easy way to understand the classification of the various cryptocurrency consensus models. It's a gentle introduction to the concept of proof of work vs proof of stakes vs proof of authority vs ... Well, you got it many many more algorithm.
  • Notes from FAST18 : a very good overview of the Storage conference. What is becoming obvious over the years is that a lot of the actual practical implementation of novel distributed storage solution is directly pushed into Ceph. Ceph is poised to become the defacto default private storage solution even if it has a long way to go in term of manageability and automation. I think it stems from the preconception that a lot of operations need a storage admin person. But the projects like Helm are helping it get there.
  • xg2xg : a practical translation table of internal google tech and similar technology available to those that do not work in the chocolate factory. It is a very good list of production-ready project that can be leveraged in many devops (and non-devops) environment.

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