Thursday, May 24, 2018

[Links of the day] 24/05/2018 : TLA+ video course, Pdf Generator, Quantum Algorithms Overview

  • The TLA+ Video Course : if you ever had to design a distributed system and spend the sleepless night thinking about edge cases TLA+ is a godsend. You just spec your system & go. It also gives a huge decrease in cognitive load when you're implementing your system against a TLA+ spec. The hard stuff is already done. You can just glance at the spec to see what preconditions must be checked before an action is performed. No pausing halfway through writing a function as you suddenly think of an obscure sequence of events that breaks your code.
  • ReLaXed : generate PDF from HTML. It supports for Markdown, LaTeX-style mathematical equations, CSV conversion to HTML tables, plot generation, and diagram generation. Many more features can be added simply by importing an existing JavaScript or CSS framework. 
  • Quantum algorithms: an overview survey some known quantum algorithms, with an emphasis on a broad overview of their applications.

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