Tuesday, May 29, 2018

[Links of the Day] 29/05/2018 : Tracers performance, Testing Terraform , Virtual-kubelet

  • Benchmarking kernel and userspace tracers : a good recap of what tracing toolkit is out there and the performance tradeoff that comes with them
  • terratest : this is the thing I was looking for, a way to test and validate my terraform script. This will really help the adoption of Terraform I think as it will significantly increase the confidence in Terraform code before deployment.
  • Virtual-Kubelet : that s a really cool concept, and introduce a great dose of flexibility in your Kubernetes cluster deployment. There is already some really exciting solution leveraging it such as the AWS fargate integration. With this, you could implement easily bursting and batching solution or real hybrid k8s solution with virtual kubelet hosted in Azure, Aws and on your private cloud.  

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