Thursday, May 10, 2018

[Links of the Day] 10/05/2018 : GDPR guide for devs , Gloo function gateway, HA SQL

  • GDPR - a practical guide for developers : If you are wondering why you are getting so many emails notification regarding the update of Term of services. You need to read this. It's a rather simple explanation of what GDPR means and how it impacts developers. The followup discussion on Hacker News is also a must read as it expands and nuance the article. 
  • Gloo: Gloo is a function ( as in serverless ) proxy router. It is a Functions Gateway service that allows you to compose legacy and serverless services through a single platform. It's built on to of the envoy proxy from . On interesting bit is that it allow function level routing functionalities that are hard to achieve via standard API gateway such as fan out, canary etc.. [github]
  • phxsql : Tencent high availability MySQL cluster. It aims at guaranteeing data consistency between a master and slaves using Paxos algorithm. This looks promising, however, I would really like to see how it behave using Jespen verification framework. 

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