Thursday, May 03, 2018

[Links of the Day] 03/05/2018 : Fundamental Values of Cryptocurrencies, Kafka SQL streaming engine, SaaS pricing

  • Fundamental Values of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology : paper looking at the fundamental values of cryptocurrency. The authors propose fundamental models and framework to study the price of digital assets. It's an interesting approach, however, they limited their analysis to only two cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum. While there are loads of other cryptocurrencies out there that either derives from these two or are independent. By solely focusing on these two, there is a feeling that the authors are missing the bigger picture and especially the transient aspect of the cryptocurrency market. 
  • KSQL : this project offers a streaming SQL engine for Kafka. It basically allows you to use the Kafka stream engine with the common SQL model.
  • SaaS Pricing : a real-life example of why the right SaaS pricing model is SOOO.. important. It can make or break your business. And you rarely have more than one shot at it. 

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