Friday, January 08, 2016

Links of the day 08/01/2016: Cloud storage performance, Cray XC network , Compute in Cloud + on premise storage

  • Cray XC : distributed memory system for the cray system. It allow a global access via the fabric to all the memory within the system. To do so it leverage the ARIES router system to create a high speed interconnect. Bandwidth , latency and routing capabilities are quite impressive and beat classical Infiniband offer out there.
  • AWS S3 vs Google Cloud vs Azure: Cloud Storage Performance , lowest latency are delivered by Amazon and Azure while Google beat them on throughput, for both uploads and downloads.
  • Compute in cloud and on premise storage : Not sure of what to think about it, there is so many constraint and problems with this approach. I would say that it might look like a solution looking for a problem. I can't see any clear use case that would justify such approach due to the technical constraint in term of bandwidth, latency, timeline, etc..

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